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I've now made this journal ....

*~ Friends Only ~*

Comment to be added please. 

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nice banner *comments*

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why thank you Ryan. :)

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Kittens and duckies are always cute, don't ya think? ;)

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you're added already .. and oh look, you're credited! :)

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add me! do you remember me? jara...i was on the equestrian team with you... (you and ronnie were the only girls i liked :P) how are you?

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Jara!! I just added you!! How are you?! You've graduated, right? I left the team a long time ago. :) We should catch up sometime ... at least online. :) Cheers!!

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Hey, it's Pat. *wink*

(Anonymous) 2006-07-14 04:08 am (UTC)(link)
Pat! Hehehe sorry .. I just found you on here lol. I always log in now and all my lj comments go to my hotmail account which I never look at but I've added you ... woo hoo!! :)

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I'm commenting.....LOVE your kitties on your profile page! I have 4.

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Hi! Do I know you per chance? :) Feel free to add .. I'll add you back!

Sadly, Buffy was put down last month and Feather is going to a new home. Sadness! But they are still my loves.

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I don't speak Norwegian but add me anyway?

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I don't either (haha), but sure!

Awwwwwsooome icon! :)

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omg, so i just found this link while going through my old lj entries...totally weird. are you still on here? if so, add me!

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Hey~! Sure am! I'll add you back! :)

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hope you don't mind, I added you!

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Sure, no problem! Yay new LJ friends!

I hope you don't get lost in my entries, lol. If you have any questions, just ask.


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hey I added you!I need esnark friends, lol

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Hey, no problem! Yay new (horsie) friends!

And please don't hesitate to ask questions if you're confused/need an update cus my life is ridiculous at the moment, lol.


(And I'm in love w/ your "rational" icon. :D)

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Would you be willing to re-add me?
I know I don't comment much but I like to read your stuff. I will try to comment more if you do.

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Oops, stupid LJ.

Sure, no prob! I must have deleted you by accident -- sorries! Welcome back! :)

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Hey, I've friended you. Just FYI :)

also, in meupatdoes' journal you mentioned that a paid account will lock everything easily....can you help me with that? i have been going back slowly and doing it by hand!!!

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Sure thing! :)

Yes, I do believe there is a feature for paid account members that locks all entries in one full swoop. I think it's like $2 for a month (totally worth it, I'd say) or you can pay $20 for a full year. Dinner out or a year on LJ? I'd go for LJ, lol! Let me know how it all works out.

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You forgot to add me back *pouts* :P

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Oh my gosh I am so sorry, I just noticed this. Adding you back now! :( Sorry for the delay!

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Hey, I've seen you around eq tons and have been meaning to add you for forever, lol. I hope that's cool:)

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Hey, yes, definitely! I love new friends and I have seen you in plenty of circles. :)

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Mind if I add you? =)

[identity profile] 2010-02-12 10:39 pm (UTC)(link)
Sure!! :) Welcome! (Once I add you I'll refer you to my "intro" entry so that you're not confused. :))

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Hey there. :) I've seen your adorable pics in the Corgi community and then I saw [ profile] harnessphoto is a mutual friend, and we share some interests as well, so I thought I would add you!

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Absolutely, I love new friends! :D

(once you're added, I'll link you to my intro post, so you're not confused. :))

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I've been told to add you by SabR. She has me under gunpoint...banana gunpoint...Please don't let her shoot me with it.

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Heeehee I just saw this! ♥

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Mind if I add you? It was great meeting you at Snarkfest.

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Of course! Just added you. It was a definite pleasure meeting you too! ♥

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enjoying talking to you over on the dog comm. figured i'd add you. add me back?

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Same here!! :) Added you back. I'll post an entry with my introduction for ya too.

[personal profile] xiaomi 2010-09-06 04:36 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm not switching to Dreamwidth, but... I made an account, at least. Add me? :)